Thursday, 27 August 2009


yay! finally, im officially not a student anymore! (did i mention this b4?)

anyway, had my convocation in 19th august 2009 at IMU (somewhere in bt jalil KL). well, quite an eventful moment for me, gaining the qualification of a pharmacist, well almost. (require few years of training in hosp to gain an official license lol) @@ well ... we'll see how it goes. :)

got d Master of Pharmacy degree. XD

oh my monkey face!

aw! my graduation dolls! stitch is very cute in graduation gown XD!

me, my mom and my aunt! well unfortunately not my whole family attend my convo.... air ticket too expensive.

group picture!! u noe who u r XD

well thats all, im just too tired to upload the whole thing. all the best to my batchmates in future posting! i hope i get Sabah lol, nearer to my hometown.... but dont give me pedalaman la... pengsan lol.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

after a long pause....

alot of events happened since i was in labuan...

the 1st 3 weeks there's nothing much to do... housework and online games... @@ i went back playing maple story. XD sadly my old account got suspended for no apparent reason. it was lvl67 spearman T_T another 3 more levels to dragon knight. oh well, lets start again. XD

then came the new of the approval of appeal which let me resit my papers again. it was a good news. so there i started study again for those papers.... really tough! ian emailed me saying i deserve a 2nd chance. aw how nice of him... and he also reminded me to tell him how im getting on. XD how thoughtful of him.

so there, 2 weeks before exam which was on 5th and 6th august i studied like mad. coffee day and night. XD

those papers were tough if you got poor memory like me. particularly Clinical Pharmacology and Prescribing, i donno if i finished reading the journal... its something about statin dealing with cholesterol leveling....

anyway, it's over... so back to mapling again while waiting for result..... i wonder why i spend my time on maple...? leveling up is boring XD

and today i got my result .... it was a great news! i pass! and im awarded with (hehe) master of pharmacy degree. yay! sounds cool. although im bit late than most of my friends which they had graduated in June... still they are happy for me. especially ian, he knew my result before i knew... (so kepo la he XD) he's very happy for me and also told me not to give up on my drawing and cooking too. XDDDD aawwwwwwwwwww he's like a wonderful friend to me LOL (perasan)

so im going for convocation on 19th in KL.. yay!

hopefully can get some nice pictures and pose in my blog XD

i am officially not a student anymore XD

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

back to hometown - Labuan XD

yay! finally! after a long wait!!!!!!! im finally back to my "peaceful" hometown. the hot air welcomes me with big arms @@ yea it does feel hot in malaysia @@

quite a journey from scotland back to labuan:

Glasgow > London: 1 hour flight

London > KL : 13 hours flight ( i took Airasia X! pretty cool, bored alittle though)

KL > KK : 2.5 hours flight

KK > Labuan: 2 hours bus and another 30 minutes boat ride


recently nothing much to do. just facebooking, drawing, cooking, cleaning, studying ( yea i gotta resit some papers TT ) and ... watch tv? so miss Astro XD

havent have the time to post pictures of the trip to amsterdam and also trip to london with my mom and sis. last week the temp at london was as hot as in Msia! it was like near 30c. @@
havent sweat like mad since i arrived in glasgow one year ago XD

anyway, will update with some pictures when im free!

so miss glasgow and the weather lol and the sound of the bagpipe and colorful kilts
and not to forget ... XD got a big hug from him b4 i left XD he kept mentioning "keep in touch yay" lol

of coz i will :)

Thursday, 25 June 2009

internet service in stansted!! @@

omg .... to surf internet for 10mins costed me 1 freaking pound! lol!!! so EXPENSIVE!

well, donno what stansted is? its an low cost airport in London (well when i say 'low cost' it doesnt mean like LCCT, the building is almost similar to KLIA in my opinion) for flight from Kuala Lumpur under Airasia :) well of coz there's other flights from around the world like ryanair in Europe (which i took that to paris XD ) which equvalent to airsia in Asia lol.

what am i doing in airport? im waiting for my mom :) from KL yay! few more hours to go. just reached here 25th june around 9pm from Glasgow.... mom will be arriving around 1am. so i got like nothing to do beside doing random stuffs like read a mag or play my PSP. LOL

once they arrived, we gonna wait another freaking 8 hours + for 8.30am flight back to glasgow. poor them >< they sure gonna have jetlag after such long flight.

anyway, this afternoon, i went visit ian (again).... well we chatted alot and he told me whether im goin to bring my mom for a tour around scotland. i said yeah, maybe the Lochness area n stuff. and he said he's gonna travel around lochness area on a bicycle on saturday! wohoho. i told him its gonna be very tiring but he said nah! "i go to gym regularly :) oh, havent seen u in gym for a long time" haha yea im like so lazy to do any exercise.... lol

he hope to see me again with my mom n my sis for the last time b4 i go back msia XD how nice of him. XD

i just cant stop smilling all the way!

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

a visit to ian's office XD

10th june

well just for a chat since i got nothing to do and so does he XD so i came to see him at his office and we like chat for bout 1 hour XD

how fun is that XD

or more like being interviewed by him XD

and he knew i went to paris without me telling him. i was like woah, u know so many things b4 i say anything. and he also ask what's my plan in the future... he suggested culinary course for me coz he knew i love cooking LOL! i told him i might consider taking animation course XD he's like "aw but your cooking was fantastic!" @@ am i the only one who gives him try my food? lol

i also gave him a parting gift which i worked on for few hours lol not few days XD
its a printed art of him in anime version. i sealed it in an envelope. he was like Oo, and when he took out n saw the art he was like ... i cant describe! he was overwhelm and excited! like Omg that is SO awesome !!!! how did u do that and stuffs like that! i was like "well just a drawing..."

"this is so brillant im so gonna pin it up on my board! get those craps (his timetables n stuffs) away so i can pin this up!"
and the next thing the art is on his board. haha

here's what i draw for him XD those blue eyes XD

he even mentioned i drew his attire with such details. haha lol im just observant thats all lol

oh i did ask him about the kilt which is a scottish traditional attire for guys. i ask whether if he wear anything under the kilt. of coz i was so embarressed asking this but he's so ok with it.

"i know what ur asking *smiles* no we dont wear anything underneath," he replied


i tried not to laugh XD but in the end i laughed louder than him XD

he reassured me that i goin to do well in the future :) might not be a pharmacist but he's sure that im goin 2 be fine. LOL how nice of him!

i will always remember ian! we friends! haha (he said LOL)

graduation ball 4th of June

ball... ah i dont really like going to a ball. 1st is because i gotta find a dress, 2nd hair need to be styled... 3rd make up which i dont really know how to. LOL and 4th shoes! high heeled shoes! omg i just hate them. cant walk straight while on them. i just wish if i can wear a trainer to ball. that would be so comfy XD

anyway. i still went to ball becoz the guy i admired for about 1 year was there XD he kept asking me few times whether im goin 2 ball or not. like 3 times b4 the event approached. haha

so there i went to the ball with messy hair and old dress from my previous Alevel nite. yes, im saving $ for other stuffs. XD

oh man i looked damn fat! whatever XD most of the time i took pictures n chit chat. so yeah. those are my housemate, YC and HY!

and of coz LY too in blue elegant dress :) so 3 housemates: YC, HY, and LY. so many Y's.

me and EW ! love her light blue dress XD

love the hills! the ball was in a hotel situated in the middle of green hills! how nice! so i went out 2 take some pictures XD

Cabonara hotel? XD

anyway, i took some pictures with my favourite lecturer ian and my research partner jasmine XD

isnt he handsome ? lol. anyway too bad he's married with 2 children!! and one of his kid can draw like me when i was like 3 lol scribble scribble. XD ian was happy that i made it to the ball coz he knew i was in depressed mood coz i had to resit my papers. and he cheered me up with a hug XD

another lecturer called leon! he's also one of the lecturers who is so nice to us XD

guys in kilts are so cute!

the meal was so-so. XD 3 course meal starting with appetizer then main course and dessert afterwards.

appetizer: random fruits

main course: stuffed chicken

dessert: some chocolate cake ?

not sure what the yellow-blue thing is. i thought its a huge pill!

we even took pictures in a toilet! my lord XD

batch rep! eh? when did i start wearing the jacket and a glowing in the dark necklace? Oo

who candid me? LOLOL

haha! and i even tried the scottish dance (mainly just hopping around) ahah it was quite fun lol and its quite a good excercise too! and i danced with ^ hehehe

ok gotta stop mentioning him too much! lolz

great event to be remembered :)

Friday, 19 June 2009

random paris cuisine XD


they love those long bread. i cant really remember the name @@ but all i noe its pretty hard! for elderly people... they need to have gold teeth to eat XD

some random cuisine i tried in France :)

snails from Hungary i think... or Belgium? whatever... the green sauce is spring onion i think. i love it ^^

a cold dish which i cant remember the name. it is 'Country Plater' or something? well, its made up of slice of ham and luncheon meat...

Carrot salad. yeep, carrots!

pumpkin soup Oo its not halloween yet

omg, hard boiled egg in mayonnaise! except the price for this is what? 8 euros? Oo

sirloin beef :) u gotta love the FRENCH fries XD

fish and potato! is it haddock? i should have written all the weird names down

lovely pasta! is it raviolli? Oo the pasta has something filling inside!

cabonara! the orange thingy is the yolk @@

spaghetti in tomato sauce! looks simple but never underestimate the power of tomato sauce :)

hei! u can find RICE in france! and not any odinary rice, it has fragrant! thai rice? served with chicken masala! MASALA! in PARIS XD

chicken dish with smashed potato. the 'hair' thingy looks infected with some 'lices' XD

MACCARON ! u gotta try them! its like trying Nasi lemak when u visit Malasia! they are awesome! its like biscuit with peanuts cream.... and different colors means it has different flavour. love the toffee one! (light chocolate)

random cake shop. their cakes look so irresitable i just wanna smash the window and steal them XD

y name a cupcake after "divorce"??? looks like a cell trying to spilt into 2 XD

well, thats all for now. and most of the time we ate McD at paris. LOLz

love those vending machine at the train platform. XD hei i just put 1 euro and nothing comes out XD